Day 2 – Open Data

I completed my PhD in theoretical physics on mesoscopic systems in 2019. After this PhD I moved to environmental sciences for a postdoc at EPFL (ENAC). Since 2015, I have been responsible at MeteoSwiss for the implementation of an operational automatic pollen monitoring network in Switzerland. I co-teach a class on environmental transport phenomena at EPFL (2015-…).

Affiliation: CERN

Function: Head of Institutional Repositories

Bio: José Benito is currently the Head of Institutional Repositories at CERN. He has been leading digital repository technology and services for the last few years. That includes Invenio (FOSS Digital Repository Framework, <>), CERN Document Server (CERN’s institutional repository), Zenodo, CERN Open Data Repositories, Digital Memory projects, among others. José is also a very experienced open source software developer and project manager with more than 15 years of experience, many of them devoted to the Open Source Project Indico <>.

Description:  Zenodo is a general purpose repository that enables researchers, scientists, projects and institutions to share, preserve and publish multidisciplinary research results (data, software, publications, and other research objects) that are not part of the existing institutional or subject-based repositories. The talk will show how Zenodo contributes to Open Science fulfilling one important role, being a free catch-all repository globally open to everyone wishing to share their research.

Bio: Pasquale Di Donato is a project coordinator at swisstopo and is mainly involved in standardisation activities in the context of the Federal and of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. He is responsible of the Linked Data Service of the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure. He will share his experience for the implementation of the Open Government Data (OGD) Strategy at swisstopo.

Bio: Manon is the Multipurpose Librarian at EPFL where she is currently in charge of e-book collections, she is also involved with providing data curation and support for EPFL’s institutional repository Infoscience. On top of that, she is a member of the publish support team and is involved with copyright literacy. Her professional interests include revolutionizing the relationship with publishers, supporting researchers in opening their research and playful learning applied to Open Access and copyright literacy education.

Bio: Vincenzo is an Information Specialist and member of the training team at the EPFL Library. He gives trainings on several topics (information literacy, citations and copyright basics, academic publishing and more) to different publics, from bachelor students to researchers. Among his professional interests are Open Access, the evolution of the publishing context and tech gadgets.

Bio: Christian Sailer works currently in the D-​BAUG department as an educational developer  with a focus on e-​learning and supports lecturers in various aspects of effective teaching and learning at ETH. He works on a mandate basis for Esri Switzerland AG, mentoring, teaching and supporting GIS and geoinformation professionals in the Swiss education market.